Commercial Property Specialists

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At Remax Components, I'm in the business of helping businesses like yours find the ideal commercial property. Whether you are starting a new business, adding or changing locations, or simply needing to expand, Remax Components will be a valuable partner along the way. For starters, here are a few things to keep in mind when in the market for commercial property:

  • Autonomy. When you own your commercial property, you have control over your own build-out, without clearing anything through a lease manager.
  • Fixed costs. Locking in your mortgage rate will give you a clear picture of costs per year.
  • Tax deductions. Business expenses are an additional source of income at year end, and buying a commercial property is at the top of the list.
  • Additional income. Renting space from within your building is another great source of income.
  • Retirement fund. Think appreciation! As you acquire equity, it will become an asset to you and your company.

The items listed above are just starting points when considering the purchase of office space. We'll also need to dive into specifics such as: How much parking do you need? Do you need a loading dock? How tall should the ceilings be? What kind and size of conference rooms would work best? Or, perhaps you only need one small office with a lobby? By combining salient facts about your business with my expert knowledge of the local market, you'll gain maximum benefit from your commercial real estate investment. Call 410-893-1199 for a consultation today.